PHILIPPINE PROPERTY RENTER KICKED OUT FROM PAID CONDOMINIUM UNIT ( Owners Beware)     There was a conversation from Facebook regarding a supposedly Property Owner who wanted to Lease her unit at a prime Condominium in Metro Manila. The supposed owner said that she is in another country and need assistance in having the unit leased out. Details were sent and pictures of the unit too. Access was also allowed to the unit as admin (who has the key) allowed it after coordination with this person. Communication was done thru members of various real estate groups. Practitioners left and right (including non licensed real estate professionals) were sent the info. One unlicensed person found an interested person. After liking the unit, the interested person made the necessary payments and signed the lease contract, moved in the unit, and enjoyed peaceful possession of the property. After more than a month, somebody entered their unit, told them to get out of the property as they are illegally occupying it. Their contract was supposedly for one (1) year. After the lessee showed the contract, they were informed by the person that he is the owner of the unit and that he is not renting the unit. Nor did he allow anyone to have it rented. The balikbayan was so stressed as to how his personal unit could be leased without his permission. Lessee was not able to recover the advanced payments and security deposit meanwhile. Person who leased the unit disappeared. FB and phone unreachable and profile deleted. Building admin investigating how it happened. Case open.


1. As a lessee make sure that you have prof that you are transacting with owner. The property title should be proof of ownership of the lessor;

2. If the client is abroad, as some are, check if documents on who will receive payment has been notarized here or by the consulate abroad;

3. Make sure both husband and wife sign if the property is under their names;

4. Verify if the unit has been paying association dues to ensure that the Condominium services will  or be cut due non-payment of the owner.

5. Hire a licensed real estate broker knowledgeable in the area.

It pays to have a REPUTABLE PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Company run a building.

Consult your Reputable Licensed Real Estate Brokers to Avoid Such Situations.

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Many thanks and happy investing !

Glenn Nitafan