With the internet’s growing mobile apps and social media,  there has been much information and much practitioners in the real estate industry nowadays.

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It has been a growing trend to receive, as viber groups, fb groups populate, inquiries from network all over.

We have always transacted with people we have met in person, whether in a real estate gathering or in social events. This is because the credibility in handling one side of the transaction, whether on the buying side or listing side, is critical to the smooth transaction of a given deal.

As we are open to expanding our network – we also correspond to new personalities decently practising the profession. W strongly believe that as we network with other licensed brokers we become stronger and better in servicing our clients.

Once in a while we receive SMS, Viber, FB Messenger in the line of..


By the way, we have received various messages like this from both newbie and seasoned veterans in the field

How do you normally respond to such inquiries?

Should I jump for joy that the person on the other line has an access to a person who can buy whatever property no matter the price?

Does the person mean that if the client wants a property he can purchase immediately even if the price is high?

Or does the person lack the necessary skills to process the requirement of the buyer and is just passing on what the buyer asked for.

Is the buyer ready to purchase or just starting to shop around?


Would glad to hear your comments on this if this has happened to you already. What did you do about it and did a transaction happen?