7 Reasons Why Project Selling Is the Better Route To Start A Real Estate Career

7 Reasons Why Project Selling Is the Better Route To Start A Real Estate Career

New brokers and agents have asked me where to start their real estate selling career. Do they enter brokerage or project selling?

If you are new in the business and good at working with teams and meeting deadlines then project selling is the way to go. There are different skills set needed to be good in brokerage and also in project selling. Today I will write about project selling and the “7 Reasons Why Project Selling Is the Best Route To Start A Real Estate Career.” 

Project Selling is the best way to enter the real estate world for the following reasons:

  1. The Developer takes care of promoting the project through its marketing efforts that include both below and above the line advertising. They put their numbers on the ads and an in-house seller is assigned to answer the queries;
  2. The Developer carries itself its own brand that helps sell a project (let’s say it has a good brand already);
  3.  The Developer gives monthly support in the form of allowances and also incentives when desired goals are met;
  4. The Developer hires trainers to help an agent familiarize himself to the process of selling and project details and the trainers also help out by giving tips on how to sell better
  5. Seminars are also regularly given to sharpen the selling skills of the agents
  6. Nowadays, it is normal for a developer to help its team identify their specific target market and do activities to reach the specified target;
  7. Developers augment cost in reaching the clients. This include paying for marketing collaterals like the nice brochures, flyers and online materials that could be used to get clients or to service a prospect;
  8. Developers help soften a prospect’s resistance by having large ads in major newspaper and also by having website ads and other events that sends the message “We have money – we can build this project”;
  9. Project Selling usually have good structures of sales manager -sales agent teams that help each other in hitting the desired goal. If you are new it is best to learn from other people’s experiences.

Ask a seller how they learned how to sell. Good Real Estate Developers will train its sellers and make the process of getting a client and closing a sale shorter. You need to make this process as short as possible and as frequent as possible since goals are time bounded and the faster you learn this the easier it is to repeat! A sample good developer that takes care of its team is Ayala Land whether its Premier, Alveo, Avida or Amaia. They have trainings that transforms a person from a newbie to a champion seller!

It is always best to look for mentors who will push you to better yourself and better your performance day after day. After all, this is sales and just like Lebron James of Miami Heat needs to score game after game – we need to sell month after month! My mentor in project selling Philip Cristobal, who brought in the Philippines The Tom Hopkins Selling, always asked me, “Glennis, Is This The Most Productive Thing You Can Do At This Given Time?” This will always put me in the moment of how I should manage my time whether when I was just starting an agent and when I also handle a marketing arm.

Many hands make light work.

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