Which Developer Should I Join To Sell Faster?

Many newcomers who are entering the Philippine Real Estate business have been asking me and recently on my last seminar for real estate agents, “Which Developer Should I Join To Sell Faster?”

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The question does not have a quick answer but rather has more questions to the person entering the field than the developers who are already in it. The consistent success of a real estate agent is dependent on his/her ability to be credible. Since sales is a fast paced environment – words are used to communicate information. The credible real estate salesperson is  someone who will be consistent in correct information from start of inquiry up until the property is turned over and until the title and tax declaration is under the buyer’s name already. Some very fast paced developers have instructed their agents who are selling properties on the pre-selling stage to just concentrate on getting reservations only and another backend team will be the one to take care of the rest (of the process). Comment: While this increases reservation on a monthly basis, it also increases backouts foand

Are Ayala real estate agents selling? Yes. Are Megaworld agents selling? Yes. Are Rockwell agents selling? Yes. Are Filinvest agents selling? Yes. Are Century Properties agents selling? Yes. Are the brokerage houses like C&G Properties selling? Yes yes yes!

There are other developers whether classified as big, medium, small or new who sell and whose agents are earning and selling. Why? On the other spectrum is there are agents, who join these winning groups but do not make a sale. Why?

The answer is on matching. It may be a simple word but it is by no means a simple process.

What are some tips that may help you sell faster and consistently?

1. Philippine real estate selling should be first and foremost approached as a business rather as an employment. It is a success-based enterprise more than a high paying corporate career that can be relied on comfortably on a monthly basis. It is rather approached as a day to day opportunity to earn and make better than those who are taking the path of corporate employment;

2. Developers and their products should be viewed as an inventory to be carried that will help people in one’s social circle. Yes, the people who venture into real estate selling ( no matter the age) makes the process easier if the product they have and the social circle they are into matches. Later on, as the skills and knowledge develop, the social penetration may move towards the upward spectrum.

3. There is no turning off the process of prospecting. Simply put, wherever and whenever you are, always check if there are buyers who may buy, people who may refer or other agents to collaborate with;

4. Prayer. I got my personal talk with God recently while I was talking with my five year old son. He woke up and went to the kitchen where I was eating breakfast and told me, rather commanded me, “Dad, open the tv I will watch Disney Junior.” I told him, “David, your food first.” He replied with a rather irritated answer, “Dad…. I want to watch Disney…” and again I told him to ‘eat first’ then he started giving a sort of crying sound with, “I want to watch now…..” And I said, “David, please eat your food first and when you have eaten, then you will study then you may be able to watch your show.” Then I said, “David, you have to follow me because I know what is best for you and if you follow me then I will take care of you always.” Then I realized that God is saying the very exact thing to me. Glenn, do not go ahead of me and tell me what you want to do. Do not just give me your plans and ask me to bless it. Ask me what I want you to do and I will give everything you need to make it happen.

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